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Paganism For The Dorm Room


Okay, so you’re probably in a city somewhere.  And shoved into a tiny room with another person.  Here’s what you need to know/do:

Test Your RA’s boundaries - Find out how serious your RA is about what rules.  Incense is likely a no-no, as it causes allergies.  But most RAs are okay with candles. If you use them responsibly:

  • Candles - Big jar candles are great, as they are pretty much a tiny fire risk compared with tapers and stuff.  Most RAs won’t care.

Test Your Roommate’s Boundaries - talk to your roommate before moving in.  Learn about their beliefs and limits and make your beliefs clear.  Switch rooms if tensions will become high because of your beliefs.

Staying in the Broom Closet - If you think people are going to be idiots or not accept you, or think you’re a freaky freak freak, stay in the broom closet.  Here’s how:

  • Use something as an altar box that no one will or can look in.  A suitcase or a box that locks.  And learn when you’re alone or where you can go to be alone and do your magic there instead.  Find a good place to hide your magic books.  Again, suitcases, storage boxes.
  • Position your desk so your computer screen points away from the door, their desk, and wherever they normally sit.  Or just bring your laptop to bed.  You’ll inevitably end up on the #pagan or #witchcraft tag or a pagan website, and you don’t want anyone to see that if you’re staying in the broom closet.
  • Wear a symbol of your religion that is less well-known - the Triple Goddess moon symbol [if you’re Wiccan], or some symbol that is pagan-esque or that pagans would think is cool.  I wear my Bocca Della Verita necklace then go on a big rant about ancient Rome if people ask me.  That usually attracts the pagans.  That, and I say “Praise Dionysus!” really loudly and howl like a wolf when I’m drunk.  But I think that reflects my personal character more than anything.

Coming Out of the Broom Closet

  • Approach with caution.  Spring it on people very slowly.
  • Do that stuff I said in the last part of “Staying in the Broom Closet”
  • Look for those weird hippie people.  Be friends with those weird hippie people.  But be careful.  Thar be hipsters.

Represent Stuff In Your Religion Simply

  • The elements can be so easy.  A rock or house plant or sand zen garden thing.  A candle.  One of those little desktop fountains.  And uh, well air is fucking everywhere.
  • God and Goddess symbols for Wiccans can be so fucking easy.  Little figurines that are “just for decoration.”  Or you could get these and people will just think you’re so fucking cool or weird:
    Because damn.  Those things are hilarious.
  •  You could always just pretend your wand or whatever is just because you like Harry Potter.  Everyone I know has a wand, and I only know two other pagan people irl.  And none of them use a wand in their practice.

I can’t think of anything else you might want to know now.  But yeah.  If you have any questions just ask.

Hehe, penis candles…

Just love this.

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