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Unbinding Spell


Set up your altar, or sacred space as you normally would and bring with you a white candle, a length of thin cord (or thread) ,scissors, a mirror** and some angelica (which is good for removing curses, hexes and spells against you) for burning as incense. You may also add any other protective herbs you wish such as sage, dragon’s blood, wormwood etc. Light your candle and take some time to quiet your mind and focus on the outcome you are wanting. Tie the two ends of the cord together so you get a circle and lay it on the mirror**. Envision the cord as the physical embodiment of the spell that is binding you. Add some angelica (and any other herb you choose) to your burner and allow the smoke to encircle you. When you feel the time is right, say these words (or something of your own).

A circle round, this cord was bound and now I do release

This spell unbind, the powers ease and my spirit be at peace.

I’m bound no more, by others will, and negativities.

As I cut this thread, the spell be dead and energies released.

Then cut the cord and feel the binding crumble around you. This can be repeated and the cord cut more times if you feel necessary. Better safe than sorry!!  If you are using thread, you can choose to burn it in the candle flame or on the censer with the angelica. You can also bury the cord or destroy it in some other fashion if you wish.

Give yourself some time to sit and allow the angelica (and other herbs) to cleanse you and clear away the negativity. Visualize the binding dissipating and yourself being free from it. Give thanks to the powers that be (or whoever it may be for you) and walk away confident that you are free from and binding spells or hexes. As a final measure allow your candle to burn down and “snuff out” any remaining energy from the spell against you.

**Now the mirror is kind of optional in this. I only suggested it as a way to “reflect” the negative energy of the binding spell back to the one who cast it. This is totally up to you. It can be left out if you so choose.




Witchcraft and nature and Gods, OH MY!

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